New EHS Solution from Antea Group for Data Centers
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New EHS Solution from Antea Group for Data Centers

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 10, 2015

ST. PAUL, MN: A global Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) consulting firm has announced the release of RiskRight EHS for Data Centers, a suite of programs and related services customized to meet the requirements of small facilities to large multi-generation data centers.

The program suite will provide the organizations a guideline to evaluate their data center operations and offers solution that enables them to integrate environment, health,  safety and sustainability programs into their operations. RiskRight EHS will benefit Data centers designed for technology companies, financial institutions and large retail or service companies with big data storage and retrieval directives.

The suite hosts programs that cover occupational health and safety, compliance assurance, site assessment and remediation, EHS metric tracking and trending, and sustainability initiatives around water, energy and corporate reporting.

Markham Hurd, Senior Consultant and Technology Segment account leader for Antea Group says, "We developed this solution based on industry insights and client needs around expanding data center ownership and operation. With RiskRight EHS for Data Centers, we focus on an approach specifically designed for our clients that helps to protect worker safety, reduce business risk, maintain continuity and enhance brand reputation, all of which ultimately saves them money."

Antea Group currently provides RiskRight EHS services to multiple Fortune 100 companies with approximately 200 data center in 10 countries. As more and more organizations are focusing on worker safety, regulatory compliance and corporate responsibility, RiskRight EHS for data center offers companies of all sizes a subscription based service.

With its global partner Inogen Environment Alliance, Antea Group is able to provide its clients immediate access to resources around the world depending on language, culture, regulatory compliance and geography. All support activities are coordinated through a single point of contact. Antea Group’s solution is scalable for use in small server-room to large data centers.

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