New Features of CloverETL 4.0 to Help Developers Empower Business

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CloverETL, a provider of data integration Platform, introduces new production version CloverETL 4.0. The new features include subgraphs, automatic metadata propagation, execution view, and improvements in the user interface to work with data much faster, easier, and empower business.

The four major features of CloverETL 4.0 include:

Subgraphs- with this feature, users can reduce complexity, create a library of business-level components, embed connections, solve hard problems and share expertise solution, create new data components without programming, and wrap complex functionality into a simple interface. It creates new data sources and targets- embed connections and other properties into subgraphs.

Automatic Metadata Propagation- Metadata are automatically assigned to edges and automatically propagated throughout the graph, depending on the inputs and outputs expected by different components. It works with graphs faster and smoother and shortens the time to create graph.

Execution View Panel- It enables to inspect the whole history and visually access debugging data for subgraphs and jobflows at real time. It simplifies finding and debugging errors during and after the execution of graphs by clicking on the error in the execution view.

 Enhanced user interface- it detects unused graph elements and is visualized in the online view to quickly identify and remove them.

CloverETL 4.0 is designed to help the ETL Developers to bring new functionality for transforming data or bring optimizations, for administrators to setup, install, administer and manage the application and for staff support in the production operation to identify potential problems.