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New Insights to Improve Security and Identity

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft urges companies to join hands in improving identity and security to secure Internet network. Alex Simons, Director of Program Management for Active Directory at Microsoft is initiating the cause.

Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security, and distributed resources, and enables interoperation with other directories. It is designed especially for distributed networking environments.

Simons observed that enhancing Federation standards, eliminating passwords, setting the standards for Internet of Things, creating common and simplified concepts for users, sharing intelligence for defending customers and sharing intellectual property are the key areas where the industry can work together to improve identity and security, reports John Fontana for ZDNet

 Advanced detection is a need of the hour in tackling unpredictable cyber attacks. Big Data can be used in pattern detection by capturing unusual practices which can create better security measures. With the rise of consumer and commercial clouds, security and identity is a great concern for the industry every single day.

"I encourage everybody to think broadly about the success of the entire industry rather than the success of our individual kingdoms," says Simons, who is responsible for release planning, specification and project management for all Active Directory products and services."Without great security, all this great work we do around digital identity aint worth the electrons it is written on," he adds.

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