New Product Launch: Surgical Directions Introduces Merlin Analytics
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New Product Launch: Surgical Directions Introduces Merlin Analytics

By CIOReview | Friday, April 22, 2022

Hospitals can maximize their investment in surgical services by leveraging analytics insights from Merlin

As healthcare evolves, hospitals are constantly searching for ways to make their services more efficient and data-enabled. This is particularly true in the operating room (OR), where operational reporting has not kept pace with the dizzying speed of clinical innovation. Surgical Directions’ Merlin analytics platform helps bring ORs into the modern era by distilling our decades of clinical insight into easy-to-understand visualizations and monitoring tools for managing OR performance and maximizing results.

The modular nature of the Merlin analytics platform allows organizations to find the solutions that best meet their evolving needs:

• Merlin Core enables an organization to standardize and organize operational data to optimize patient throughput and implement new OR efficiencies

• Merlin Block optimizes the block schedule by leveraging advanced analytics to bring objectivity to challenging questions about block allocations

• Merlin Pro provides a robust suite of tools for monitoring operational performance by combining the benefits of Merlin Core and Merlin Block, creating a single source of truth for procedural services

• Merlin Heatmap offers first-in-kind insights into day-by-day and hour-by-hour OR utilization patterns, enabling an organization to align staffing, equipment, and resources to the specific demands of the OR

• Merlin Navigator turbocharges an organization’s process improvement efforts by pairing our quick-to-install, easy-to-maintain software solutions with a partnership model that offers flexible access to our deep bench of experts

Merlin is a proprietary, industry-leading, web-based analytics software developed by Surgical Directions to enable organizations to convert insights into action.

A leader of one hospital OR that implemented Merlin had this to say: “[Merlin] takes the manual labor out of block utilization. The time that I get back to do other things is invaluable. It saves FTE hours.”