New SDK for Android and iOS to bring In-App Communications to Life

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

HUNTSVILLE, AL: The Asterisk Company, Digium has recently launched software development kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS, in order to make it easier to add live in-app communications capabilities to mobile applications. The SDKs are currently released under a permissive open source license. It will include support for instant messaging, WebRTC voice/ video calling and ability to sent free push notification messages and calls to applications while being offline or the background. The corresponding SDKs are expected to cut development cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Building real-time communication features into native mobile apps usually require teams of experienced professionals with knowledge of push notifications; call signaling, media subsystem integration, codecs, encryption and segmentation. But now, with Respoke mobile SDKs, adding a rich suite of in-app communications now takes only a few hours of planning and coding.

Additionally, the Respoke SDKs handle identity, message delivery and call signaling. Developers only need to simply add code to handle various events and to incorporate select Respoke features into their user interface. The SDKs adhere to best practices for iOS and Android platform.

According to Charlie Wilson, Director of Developer Products at Digium, "The Respoke mobile SDKs allow an experienced developer to add messaging, voice, or video to a native app within a couple of days, rather than the weeks or months that it would typically take".