New Security App By Splunk That Tracks Down Cyber Attackers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fremont, CA: Splunk, a company that develops real-time Operational Intelligence software, announced that it has developed an app that will stalk the cyber attacker. The version 3.0 of the Splunk enterprise security app is armed with a host of new features such as new threat identification framework and advanced threat detection that enables it to track down the attacker.

The advanced threat detection allows faster and accurate threat exposure which results in better security. The efficiency of any security product depends on how fast it can identify the risk and how efficiently it neutralizes it. The security intelligence platform built in this app supports enterprise level advanced security analytics. Besides, it provides support for various data models and data types.

The framework helps in analyzing the threats by streaming the information in a single view. It provides options in which a user can identify threats using Graphical User Interface (GUI) and create customized alerts. The idea is to track down the threat as it appears.

“One of the biggest improvements in this new version is the visualizations which make it easier for our security investigators who aren’t Splunk experts to get their hands on all of the data. The threat intelligence framework is also a welcome addition, as it will allow us to not only view all of our feeds in one place but also eliminate duplicated information on new threats,” said Golan Ben-Oni, Chief Security Officer and Senior Vice President of Network Architecture, IDT in the press release.