New Series of IOX ADD-Ons to Strengthen Fleet Management Services

By CIOReview | Monday, March 28, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Telematics service provider, Geotab has recently unveiled a new series of Input/output Expander that is IOX Add-Ons to strengthen its fleet management services. The series comprises of IOX-ALERT, IOX-COMSPREAD, and IOX-OUTPUT. Most of the solutions in this series supports Base plan that allows users and developers to easily build new applications for the integration with other business systems to maximize their operational area.

IOX ALERT: Driver-Initiated Alert Notifications - With the implementation of this add-on, drivers will be able to notify their dispatchers, just by pressing a notification button.  Once activated, it will record data related to engine diagnosis in MyGeotab. 

IOX-COMSPREAD: Substance Spreader Controller – It helps clients to get information about how their company works. It offers a Substance Spreader Controller supporting Rexroth Compu-Spread CS-440 and CS-550 solid and liquid spreader controllers commonly found on snow vehicle equipment. The add-on reports the amount of material spread, time of spreading, and the spread rate. The company is expecting major demand for IOX-COMSPREAD in Canada and the northern states in USA.

IOX-OUTPUT: Relay Controller –Fleet managers can now extend their control and communication by sending direct commands from MyGeotab to sensors or third-party devices in the vehicle or controls a relay from the vehicle in real-time. IOX-OUTPUT connects with a manually operated relay based on the conditions defined by MyGeotab when it meets the predefined conditions.

The Input/Output Expanders from Geotab easily connects to the Geotab’s GO7 telematics device and can be combined with any of the existing IOX options, such as IOX-AUXM, IOX-BUZZ, IOX-GOTALK, IOX-NFCREADER, IOX-SATIRDv2, and IOX-USBM/F.