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New Tools that will simplify your Data Visualization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A lot of industries present the reports that are driven by data. It is the way that this data is presented that will capture the attention of the targeted audience. It is well known that humans respond better to a visual representation of any sort of information when compared to a written or verbal one. Therefore a tabular representation of the data will not provide as much insight needed as a visual depiction of the data would. Here is where data visualization comes into play.

Data visualization is said to be viewed as the modern equivalent of visual communication. It basically involves transforming data into charts, graphs or maps; it simplifies our comprehension of the data presented to us. The type of visualization that needs to be used will depend on the type of variable and the issue you need to analyze.  It involves representing numbers through certain features of objects, line weight or colour shading. The method wherein we use visual objects to map data is called Visual Encoding. The kind of coding you use will vary based on their need. Numerous sites provide detailed information on the kinds of graphic forms that will be appropriate for the type of coding that you need.

Navigating through such sites will help you realize that the field of data visualization is in fact very wide, apart from the most common types like bar graphs and pie charts there are many more ways one can represent data visually.

Data visualization is all about how you represent your data so that your audience can gain insights effectively. Visualization solutions are evolving rapidly creating quite a few ideas and user-friendly online visualization tools.  Here are a few visualization tools that are available on the web and are easy to access:
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Microsoft Excel also provides a good array of options to create visual representations of your data; it is an entry-level tool and has limited default colors and styles that would make it difficult to create graphics that would be usable in a professional website. It is, however, a good way to quickly explore data and create visualizations for internal use and should also be part of your toolbox.

The ever-growing access that we have to more information is the driving force behind Artificial Intelligence and the wave of technological change that is sweeping across all industries. All this data is useless if we can not understand it. Using the right tools in the right way and visually representing the data will increase understanding and efficiency.