New Version Released by Lattice3D for Easy Creation of 3D PDFs

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

DENVER, CO: Lattice Technology to roll out version 13.2 of Lattice3D Studio communication software for industries. The release comes in with a plethora of author tool features and enhancements in aide of the users. Designed on the lines to simplify the procedures for large assemblies, it produces interactive 3D PDFs from any available CAD model. The 3D PDF would also come with animations and linkages to process steps.

“We are seeing increased use of 3D PDF as a way of communicating information to a variety of stakeholders,” explains Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology. “We have enhanced Lattice3D Studio so that a user can create a 3D PDF that contains interactive work instructions with animations. Creating 3D PDF documents with Lattice3D Studio is a simple process with an easy-to-use template that requires no programming or scripting.”

Amongst the new features released with this version, the software now enables up to 6 cutting planes for specification. This provides illustrators with more options for depicting inner assembly workings. Also adding, the “single spot” light source for bringing more realism to the renderings. Shadows and reflections are also included. The interface also allows saving the rendered images in various formats including .png with transparent backgrounds.

Lattice3D Studio gives the user the ability to create powerful work instructions which are linked to accurate product geometry which may include animations. It also automates much of the task by creating part paths for assembly and disassembly and automatic camera positioning for optimal viewing of the step.