Newfangled Extensions by Nova
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Newfangled Extensions by Nova

By CIOReview | Friday, July 12, 2019

The newest product portfolio of the company combined with high-precision hardware and cutting-edge software delivers deep insights to its customers regarding the development and production of the most advanced semiconductor device.

FREMONT, CA: One of the leading semiconductor technology solution providers, Nova, declared the launch of Nova PRIZM, the latest standalone Optical CD system targeted at the most sophisticated device manufacturing across front-end semiconductor segments. The novel platform is an exclusive addition to the company’s superior dimensional metrology portfolio and has been transported to multiple customers already.

Knowing that Nova's customers rely on the company to develop unique solutions targeted at reducing the issues faced in moving to new generation devices, the company has come up with a ground-breaking solution providing beneficial information that enables customers to deliver advanced devices at the highest yield and quality. Nova PRIZM, which has resulted from the company's metrology innovation leadership, is set to beef up the company's technological competitive edge.

Nova PRIZM brings together the revolutionary Spectral Interferometry (SI) technology, a prevailing innovative capability for CD metrology, with high-tech multi-channel optical to extract unique information from the device, remote for the traditional optical CD techniques. The highly developed optical channels of Nova PRIZM™ can address various challenges in the current fabrication procedures. The new platform is improved by the only one of its kind NovaMARS modeling solutions as well as NovaFIT ML capabilities to offer an exceptional, high-quality measurement for the complicated structures.        

Nova has been featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Semiconductor Technology Solution Providers of 2018 in CIOReview and for being a leading provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control made use in semiconductor manufacturing. The company provides constant innovation giving the highest performance metrology solutions for an efficient course of action all through the lifecycle of semiconductor fabrication. “We collaborate with numerous prospects, companies, and institutes within the semiconductor industry to discover and engineer unique technology for metrology and process control solutions in a harsh, controlled environment,” adds Nova’s Corporate, VP Marketing and Business Development, Zohar Gil.

It product launched carries a unique ability to offer pioneering X-ray and optical solutions that enable the customers to develop the performance, increase the product yields, and accelerate time to marketplace. Nova performs as a partner to semiconductor manufacturers around the world from its offices and is bartered in NASDAQ & TASE under the symbol NVMI.

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