Nexcess Announces Extended Backup Plans for Enterprise Clients

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SOUTHFIELD, MI: Data loss is a nightmare for companies that depend on their web presence for revenue. In many cases, a site or eCommerce store is the business, and without long term backups there is little standing between current success and future disaster. In order to combat these issues, Nexcess, provider of enterprise WordPress, Magento, ExpressionEngine, and vBulletin hosting has come up with extended backup plans so as to keep the client’s data safe for a longer period of time.

Clients are provided with a comprehensive backup solution along with dedicated server. They are also given the option of choosing any of the two plans offered; ninety-day and one-year data retention plans or opt for both. The company claims to keep the data safe and secure with its ninety days of daily backups and one year of monthly snapshots, enabling clients to restore and access data from over a longer period of time.

Nexcess’ new backup tiers are the most recent addition to the company’s high-performance hosting plans, which are used by some of the largest publishers and eCommerce retailers. The company’s SIP servers and server clusters are tailored to provide the best possible hosting environment for each application.

"Long-term data retention and availability are essential aspects of both security and business continuity management," comments Chris Wells, President and CEO, Nexcess, "Clients need to know that their site or eCommerce store’s data is safe and accessible over the long term. Our extended backup plans make it easier to maintain a reliable backup, and, because we’re managing and hosting the backups, the increased safety doesn’t involve increased complexity or unnecessary integration with external services."