NexentaStor Opted by VESK for Agile Storage Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Nexenta an Open Source Software-Defined Storage (SDS) provider, deliver its core software driven block and file store management platform ‘NexentaStor’ service to VESK which offers Hosted Virtual Desktops.

Nexenta OpenSDS enables apps from rich media-driven Social Living to Mobility; from Openstack to self deployment of private, public and hybrid Cloud. Nexenta’s products are flexible to be embedded into solutions and hardware created by developers, system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

NexentaStor caters unified file and block storage services, runs on enterprise grade hardware and scales from terabytes to petabyte configurations as well as configured with default data management functionality. Enterprise leveraging NexentaStor can minimize storage costs, eradicate lock-in, implement effortless swap-in replacement of legacy block and file storage appliances and benefits from one software stack for all-disk, hybrid and all-flash storage configuration. Its functionalities include; Inline data reduction for additional storage cost savings, numerous space optimized snapshots, file system sizes and clones along with periodic asynchronous long distance response.

Whereas VESK technology separate the desktop environments and related application software from the physical client device; enabling end-users to access all emails, files and business applications from anywhere using any device. To support its growing IOPS needs, cloud offering and storage, VESK opted NexentaStor for agile and extendable architecture of storage. According to Richard De Napoli, NexentaStor helped them to develop and satisfy application and desktop needs from storage layer upward, allowing them to expand into IaaS, PaaS and DaaS through substantial storage foundation.

NexentaStor High Availability (HA) Cluster in Storage Area Network (SAN), a comprehensive recovery infrastructure; facilitate VESK with more than 130 terabyte of raw storage and read write Solid State Drive (SSD) caching. It enables VESK to cluster so it can add more required SANs. VESK’s three disaster recovery locations are connected through 10GbE dark fibre and timely data auto sync, which result in bolstered disaster recovery and retrieval of VESK data.