Nexmo Streamlines A2P Messaging Capabilities

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2016
Tony Jamous, CEO and Co-Founder, Nexmo

Tony Jamous, CEO and Co-Founder, Nexmo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Nexmo, a global provider of cloud communication platform has announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom—International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS). This partnership will allow Deutsche Telekom to streamline their delivery quality for mission-critical, application-to-person (A2P) messaging, in turn improving their footprint in Europe and other geographical regions. Nexmo bridges traditional voice, messaging, and user identity verification services with cloud communications through APIs that address the needs of both software developers and CIOs.

This partnership between Nexmo and Deutsche Telekom will result in faster and more efficient interactions between consumers and businesses, facilitated by A2P messaging. The increasingly popular demand of the modern day consumer to communicate with businesses even while on the go and through their preferred medium/channel, has resulted in a drastic improvement in the quality of business communications as speed, reliability, and ubiquity have become the industry benchmarks.

Nexmo’s enterprise-grade cloud communication platform has been designed to deftly scale enterprise mobile communications while improving the delivery rates and bringing down latency. By joining forces with Deutsche Telekom, Nexmo is set to raise the bar in the customer communications segment while also expanding their network of direct carrier connections. “Our goal at Nexmo is to deliver smarter APIs that solve specific problems for developers such as scalability or global reachability,” says Tony Jamous, CEO and Co-Founder, Nexmo.

By partnering with Deutsche Telekom ICSS, Nexmo will be reaching out to one of the fastest growing markets in Europe with its cloud communication expertise. Nexmo will leverage Deutsche Telekom’s “SMS+ transit” service to reach the mobile networks of Deutsche Telekom and their affiliates within and outside Europe. “SMS+transit” is a comprehensively secure high availability solution that ensures reliable and quick termination of messages.