Next Generation Integration Application introduced by CampusLogic

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ: In a major announcement made by CampusLogic, the firm announced its new generation integration application, CL Connect. It is an open-source web application which will enable CampusLogic’s customers to integrate their systems with the CampusLogic platform quickly and easily.

CampusLogic is the creator of the first and only financial aid self-service platform and has been transforming the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid. This Integration Application introduced by CampusLogic will empower colleges and universities to automate the entire financial aid process fully with this integration application with minimal effort. It will also help in reducing process of financial aid timeliness, in increasing rates of financial aid completion, and in driving enrollment. “Integration with existing systems to make processes seamless and automated is a key contributor to the ROI of our CampusLogic Financial Aid Platform. But schools are busy, and their IT departments are even busier—this was leading many of our customers to opt for minimal or no integration,” stated Chris Chumley, COO, CampusLogic.

CL Connect guarantees customers with a 10-fold return on an investment made by them on any CampusLogic product by streamlining all the processes. CL Connect will scratch off all the costs incurred due to document indexing, manual paperwork, and technological demands needed to write one-off integrations. With Next Generation Integration Application CL Connect, the CampusLogic platform can now be implemented by any organization for 30 days. The integrations points namely ISIR Imports, ISIR Corrections In-bulk, and SIS In Sync can now be used to update and upload students’ task lists and requirements with minimal difficulty after installing and configuring CL Connect. Retrieval of imaging systems documents and uploading awarding files are the other benefits that this Next Generation Integration Application has in offer.

CL Connect is available now for the institutions and can be installed by contacting the Customer Success Manager or Regional Director at CampusLogic.