Nextivity Announces Cel-Fi WAVE to Help MNO's for Simplified Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 10, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: Nextivity Inc., a developer of indoor coverage technology which optimizes the experience of wireless subscribers and increases Radio Frequency (RF) network capacity for mobile operators announces the availability of Cel-Fi WAVE, an end-to –end software solution that connects Cel-Fi smart signal boosters to Nextivity’s cloud-hosted services.

Cel- Fi WAVE will help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to monitor and manage Cel-Fi smart signal boosters that are deployed across their networks. It will provide visibility into booster location, configuration, and performance on MNOs' dense and complex networks.

The latest solution incorporates an agent that runs on Cel-Fi devices as well as on the Cel-Fi WAVE desktop and mobile applications. The agent is connected to cloud-hosted services. Software updates and configurations can now be pushed from the cloud to individual Cel-Fi systems or to groups of devices. Controls and alerts, such as changes in device location, can also be layered in with the service from MNOs. End users are also allowed to register their systems on the network using the Cel-Fi WAVE mobile or desktop application.

Claiming that the product will offer resellers and IT administrators advanced installation and monitoring capabilities for improved quality of service and performance. Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity adds that "Network densification through the use of small cells represents the next major phase for mobile, and requires intelligent, easily-managed, or self-managed, self-organizing systems. In addition, coverage and capacity concerns have gone mainstream, and service providers have recognized Cel-Fi as an ideal and cost-effective solution that can be easily deployed as an extension to macro coverage, or as a complement to small cells, with Cel-Fi WAVE, we have added critical connectivity capabilities to the world's most advanced smart signal booster, allowing customers to feel more confident in deploying Cel-Fi on their networks - at the edge or right in the middle, this improves network quality and an individual user's experience."

Cel-Fi WAVE offers a Connectivity Module which is built into the Cel-Fi hardware. The current generation module is FCC and BQB certified, features Bluetooth LE, and can be expanded to include any of the popular air links in the future, such as cellular, Wi-Fi and LoRa. A mobile application is now available on Android and iOS. The application facilitates the connection between the Cel-Fi coverage unit's communications module and the cloud service with the physical link provided through the mobile handset's data capabilities. It also provides a familiar user interface to the system, for both end users and professional network administrators.