Nextrial Adds Actual-Time Ad-Hoc Data Access to its Prism Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, June 1, 2015

SAN RAMON, CA: A web-based software solution firm for clinical researchers Nextrial has added real time data access to its Nextrial’s prism’s Ad-Hoc reporting mechanism. Nextrial’s prism is Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform which brings an integrated EDC and study management solution in a single package.

This will enable clinical researchers to derive more value from trial data, accelerate time to market and lower development cost. It will offer pharmaceutical, bio tech and medical device researchers more ease for delivering and circulating updated critical information. Altogether it features includes an automatic user interface, interactive graphical tools, advanced export facility and preview panes so that users can see reports in progress. I t provides joint medication and unfriendly event coding data integration.

Ad-Hoc reporting is specifically designed for business intelligence solution to connect with data sources, establish security parameters and determine which object end user can see. Subsequently business end users create actual reports. If the result turns to be abrupt, end-users can modify the existing ones in their desired format.

This can be executed with little training and without requesting to IT personals. Prism’s ad-hoc tool has previously used data delivered once in a day report but with real-time report user can access data any time.

Nextrial CEO, James Roger says that “sponsors always want to shorten the time includes in drug development in much safer way to reduce the cost they invest in development period. Therefore they decided to add real-time reporting feature to build efficiency and meet needs of sponsors’’. The new prism’s real time ad hoc reporting is highly integrated with Nextrial to avoid separate logins.