NGDATA Signs a Deal with Zementis to Enhance Organizations' Real-Time Predictive Analytics Strategies

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NEWYORK, NY: NGDATA, the customer experience management solutions company has announced collaboration with Zementis to deliver real time execution of predictive analytical models. The partnership aims to assist the organizations to improve the customer experience for their end users.

The organization backed by the technology from Zementis, banks, telcos and media/publishing companies by using Lily Enterprise solutions will now be able to leverage the insights from their existing predictive models in real time and give the most accurate, atomic-level view to their customers.

Lily Enterprise makes it easy for the organizations running the predictive analytical models to convert the insight into actions that create a significant impact on the business.  It also provides better customer service and better understanding to the end users by delivering a complete, atomic-level customer view with the help of machine learning techniques.

 “NGDATA customers across the world are using Lily to transform customer data into immediate and actionable intelligence. Our partnership with Zementis expands our continuous customer scoring capabilities to support all traditional predictive models, helping our customers to gain insights faster than ever” asserts Luc Burgelman, founder and CEO of NGDATA.

“NGDATA’s Lily Enterprise is a powerful solution to help companies across the world better understand their customers; our solution will ensure the continuous, real-time linkage between business intelligence tools and Lily Enterprise to improve the speed of decision-making”  says Dr Michael Zeller, CEO of Zementis.

NGDATA customers are assisted by Zementis in integrating all existing predictive models that includes models created in some of the world’s most popular modeling tools. It also includes SAS, IBM SPSS into the Lily Enterprise solution in real time, allowing it to continuously run and refine analytics that deliver a more nuanced understanding of the customer. Accordingly, organizations leveraging Lily Enterprise will now have an even more complete and optimized view of the customer.