nGenx to Offer Cloud-Based to GoldMine Customers With nFinity nWorkspace Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, June 5, 2015


CHICAGO, IL: nGenx, a provider of cloud-based application delivery, announces GoldMine’s standardization on nGenx nFinity nWorkspace to Web-enable the company's popular suite of small business CRM solutions.

GoldMine provides Windows-based relationship management solutions designed for small businesses. With the aid of nFinity nWorkspace solution which is being sponsored by Compute Engine cloud infrastructure and IndependenceIT's Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) software, GoldMine can now offer a cloud-based customer relationship management solution for anywhere, anytime user access. The new development also brings down advance costs for end-customers, simplifies upgrades and eliminates barriers of interoperability.

 "We are pleased to be a part of this launch with nGenx. We can now offer our all-in-one CRM capabilities as a subscription option, allowing users to operate GoldMine in the cloud. The end-user has the flexibility to subscribe to and use more than one application at the same time," says Paul R. Petersen, vice president and general manager, GoldMine.

As more organizations deploy cloud based strategies, the need for complementary solutions is important for accelerating business growth.  nGenx has provided the means to expand the market share while better serving customer requirements worldwide,  added Paul R. Petersen.

Removing the complexities, nGex makes the process of cloud-enabling applications without the need to redevelop existing software solutions so that it can be made even more adaptable. This enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to make unprecedented access to markets and customers who were previously out of reach. Since nGenx delivers an integrated online experience to small business applications with a greater number of access points using a full-featured Microsoft Windows desktop, GoldMine users will enjoy the a seamless usage of application from any location and on any device.

"nFinity nWorkspace is a powerful application delivery platform that allows ISVs to reduce their time to market and revenue,” claims JD Helms, CEO, nGenx.

Users retain complete control, security, and audit ability for compliance through an intuitive browser-based management system that reduces support costs, increases service quality and improves responsiveness.