NI Releases TestStand Semiconductor Module for Semiconductor Test Systems

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: National Instruments (NI) has released its TestStand Semiconductor Module that aids test system engineers in developing, deploying and maintaining optimized semiconductor test systems rapidly through its software tools.

The Module significantly reduces the time required to correlate measurements as engineers can program their lab characterization systems with same programming paradigm that is deployed on the factory floor with the Semiconductor Test System (STS). Further, the module is built on widely used TestStand industry standard test management software and enables NI customers to build their own rack-and-stack systems for semiconductor production test.

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“NI continues to lower the cost of semiconductor test through open software and modular hardware,” said Ron Wolfe, Vice President, Semiconductor Test, NI. “In 2014 we introduced the STS, which added semiconductor-specific features on top of the open, industry-standard PXI platform. Today, we’re improving the productivity of test development through a TestStand module designed specifically for the needs of semiconductor test from characterization to production,” he added.

Features of the TestStand Semiconductor Module include a dynamic, multisite programming that reuses the code across a scalable number of test sites. The module also comes with an intuitive pin map editor that includes both PXI and third-party instrumentation. Additionally, the module has a Standard Test Data Format (STDF) result processor that logs parametric test results in an industry-standard format.

NI has been recognized as the supplier of platform-based systems that helps engineers and scientists in solving some of the world’s greatest engineering challenges. The latest TestStand Semiconductor Module adds to the expanding offerings of NI in the semiconductor test area. Previously, NI has introduced the STS, and hundreds of other high-performance PXI instruments. On the software side, NI has already released powerful software such as TestStand and LabVIEW system design software.  NI’s TestStand is used by more than ten thousand of developers worldwide.

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