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Nielsen and ResponseTek Allies to Launch Nielsen Listening Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Nielsen, an information and insights provider of consumer behavior, recently announced the launch of Nielsen Listening Platform in alliance with ResponseTek. It is bringing a customer service solution for clients through a global listening platform.

A customer experience management (CEM) software provider, ResponseTek enables the Listening Platform to merge with customer experience management software tool with key business insights. This allows the organization to efficiently manage performance at consumer and store level with real time reporting and transactional survey.

Businesses are empowered with the ability to convert new insights into operational advancement as they can associate customer experience with actual purchase behavior. The real time customer report generated by the solution transforms static customer experience into an improved business tool.

Together, Nielsen and ResponseTek are creating a new customer experience solution to help organizations improve by evaluating consumer behavior which will ultimately result in concrete business development and have a direct impact on the consumers.

"The partnership creates a unique end-to-end customer experience management solution that brings together industry trends, consumer research and transaction-level insights. With this combined approach, today's businesses can translate real-time, customer feedback from anywhere around the world into concrete business improvements that can positively affect consumers," says Mike de Vere, Managing Director, Consumer Insights, Nielsen.

The Nielsen Listening Platform is available for service oriented sectors such as retail, telecom and financial services as a transformative solution to take the consumer a step ahead to brand success.

"Combining our stream of transactional customer experience data with Nielsen's purchase and consumer insights, organizations will get real-time intelligence into the delivery of their brand experience to existing customers and learn key drivers to acquire additional high value consumers," adds Syed Hasan, CEO of ResponseTek.