Nimble Advances Adaptive Flash Platform to Provide Single Storage for Optimizing Enterprise Workload

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Nimble Storage, the flash storage solutions company, announces a broad range of new enterprise-grade capabilities to the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform to enable enterprise IT organizations to dynamically meet varying service level agreements, reduce costs, and gain greater business agility and responsiveness.

The Adaptive Flash platform is a feature-rich storage solution built on Nimble Storage’s Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture, and InfoSight, the engine that monitors all Nimble arrays to maintain them in peak working condition.

The key features of the upgraded adaptive storage platform include:

All-Flash Service Level: Dynamic Performance and Capacity

Nimble offers a storage platform that brings IT organizations the full benefits of storage consolidation, including lower costs, higher IT productivity, seamless growth and reduced risk, all without compromising service levels of applications and workloads. Enterprises now have flexibility to dynamically deliver all-flash service levels across mission-critical applications.

Data Encryption at No Cost

With software-based encryption, Nimble SmartSecure, storage administrators have the ability to efficiently enable data encryption in consolidation and multi-tenant storage environments at no additional cost. SmartSecure encryption enables service providers with multi-tenant environments to isolate and encrypt a particular client’s data. The new software feature enables both encryption and shredding on a per-application or per-array level.

Expanded Management Capabilities

The addition of REST APIs to the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform enables storage administrators to build customized reporting and workflows around storage, simplifying integration into existing customer frameworks thereby enhancing enterprise IT productivity.

Enhanced Non-disruptive Scalability of Performance and Capacity

The advanced platform enables enterprise IT organizations to seamlessly scale performance and capacity independently. With the new software, administrators can scale non-disruptively to over 3.5PBs of capacity and over 160TBs of flash per cluster to optimize business-critical workloads.

Identify and Address Virtual Machine Performance

Nimble InfoSight-VMVision enables administrators to tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks without reactively making additional capital expenditures. It helps to lower costs and improve IT productivity. Nimble InfoSight enables administrators to quickly and confidently identify and resolve resource contention issues and maintain service level agreements.

Integrated Data Protection

Nimble’s data protection enables administrators to take instant snapshots – point-in-time copies that capture just-changed data. It allows IT administrators to house all snapshots and production data on the same array thereby eliminating overhead inefficiencies and assuring instantaneous data recovery. Fully integrated data protection reduces complexity, overhead, and risk, enabling administrators to maintain business continuity and gain responsiveness.

“The new innovations we’re delivering within the Adaptive Flash platform provide enterprise IT organizations with the ability to consolidate and support all workloads across their environment on a single storage platform. Enterprises will no longer be forced to make trade-offs in building and managing independent storage silos to support tiered applications and workloads. By delivering a storage consolidation platform, much like virtualization has done for compute, we are empowering enterprise IT organizations to dynamically meet service level agreements for enterprise-wide applications at a lower total cost of ownership,” said Dan Leary, vice president of worldwide marketing, Nimble Storage.