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Nine Peaks Solutions Launches HCMReporter Software

By CIOReview | Friday, July 17, 2020

Nine Peaks Solutions has announced the launch of its new HCMReporter software, which is a highly intelligent reporting device.

FREMONT, CA: Bend-based Nine Peaks Solutions is a technology consulting firm, and it has announced the launch of its latest HCMReporter software application. The HCMRreporter is a highly intelligent reporting device that can securely obtain the historical data from current Human Capital Management (HCM) systems. For the organizations that want to shift their lanes with the HCM systems, they can automatically incorporate historical data and streamlines the payroll functions required for human resource professionals. It can be done by offering access to compliance and historical information securely and efficiently. The new clients can also sign up now for implementing the technology.

Accessing and reclaiming payroll and HR historical data like pay statements, past W-2 statements, 1095-C forms, and other HCM employment history rapidly and is merely essential for the companies and employees. Delivering such a result while saving time and with less IT connection will offer various essential benefits. The HCMReporter reporting software is similar to an HCM, a channel from which HR delivers value to the company. The best part is that the organization doesn't need to maintain the traditional HCM systems up and running while managing the compliance standards. All these activities are done with streamlined access to the data that is securely stored in a cloud application.

Here are some of the other features and services of HCMReporter:

Simplified HCM transition- The procedure of onboarding is secured, rapid, and smooth. It is guaranteed that the data transfers will be secure and effortless because Nine Peaks have assumed responsibility in the audit and transfer of data to ensure accuracy and privacy.

Expansive Reporting Capabilities- It will ensure that there are reports on and access payroll information, Quarterly & Yearly Total Reports, employee pay statement, HR info, employment history, or job change history. Every detail is attached in the database along with employee benefit history.

Data Continuity and Assurance- The service offers stress-free data preservation. The companies will never lose their present history once the current HCM tenant is not available. All this while securing the account into the new HCM system online.

Reduce Costs- The HCMViewer will decrease IT support, remove software application fees, reduce the operating system, and provide software assurance fees. Moreover, very little training is necessary to achieve efficient results.