Ninja Snap Keeps Away Nosy Friends Out Of Smartphones Photo Gallery

By CIOReview | Monday, September 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Security and privacy has always been a prime need for individuals to protect their smartphones from outsiders.  Now comes an app called Ninja Snap which keeps nosy friends and relatives out of smartphones photo gallery. The app is available on Google Play Store for android phones reports Greg Kumparak for TechCrunch.

The app works on the mechanism of selfies which prevents strangers from looking into pictures other than the intended ones.  Ninja app allows the user to select pictures with gallery like screen, the developer of the app says it’s inspired from Reddit comment which mentioned people who swipe past through the photo gallery.   

How it works

Once the app is activated, and the user selects few photos which are to be shown. When the person starts viewing the photos other than the intended ones, Ninja snap starts taking selfies stealthily when a person starts to swipe and then these selfies reflect in the photo gallery. This way they can only see their own images, which are placed randomly in between the pictures when they are trying to peek through the gallery.  The features and settings include, gallery mode; exit app on back press so that the main screen is hidden.

Additionally, the app saves the selfies taken in a directory and displays them immediately so that they can be deleted. Currently the app is available only for Android users, since Apple has stringent rules for apps that use camera.