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Nintex AddsNew Features to Its Next-Gen Cloud Automation Offerings

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2020

Nintex’s new suite of cloud automation solutions seems promising in conducting enterprise workflow.

FREMONT, CA: Nintex, a global standard for process management and automation, has rolled out a set of new and powerful features to Nintex workflow Cloud platform. This futuristic solution suite provides a full end-to-end platform for automation along with digital transformation support. The newly released solutions by Nintex extend their support to professionals in IT, ops, business analysis, and other respects. The next-generation workflow automation solutions help in eliminating distorted, highly laborious, and physical or paper-based processes via merely a couple of clicks and no code at all.

The new very easy to use features of the Nintex Workflow Cloud support highly reliable permission management solution for data sources, which offers avenues for security, and further sophistication of the workflow along with making them increasingly fast, easy, certain, and clear. The innovative Nintex Xtensions is the company’s proprietary framework that maps the new capabilities to more connectors in order to improve the workflow exceptionally. The latest Nintex Workflow cloud innovation reflects the company’s move towards serving an ideal solution to all the users and enterprises that are looking for an optimized and automated workflow across the operational ecosystem.

Nintex is a global standard for automation and process management. Nintex has over 8000 companies from the private and public sectors from around 90 nations as its clients looking to unlock the realistic benefits of the Cloud workflow automation tools and solutions. By adding new and futuristic features to its solution, the company gifts its clients a way to ride the wave of progress in their attempts towards digital transformation, along with allowing them to manage, automate, optimize their core business processes.