Nintex Insight Harnesses Microsoft Power BI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

BELLEVUE, WA: Nintex declared that it will use Microsoft Power BI Embedded service for its forthcoming cloud-based workflow analytics solution named as, Nintex Insight TM, expected to be available by the end of 2016.

Nintex Insight solutions are known for complimenting any process ecosystem and allows user to monitor workflow and track Nintex assets across a project.

Nintex InsightTM will produce business insights for customers by contributing in workflow analytics and aiding users in sketching a digital shift. Its cloud based and the reporting features are expected to be out by late 2016.

The addition of Power BI services in Nintex is going to help users build apt insights with automatic data update facility using Direct Query protocol. The integration will allow faster analysis capabilities and effect of the same on workflows, yielding comprehensive and impeach insights that contribute deriving solid business decisions.

 Nintex Chief Technology Officer Alain Gentilhomme said, “Our customers are automating hundreds of thousands of business processes every day with the Nintex Workflow Platform, but until Nintex Insight, their ability to leverage this data to make business decisions was limited." "With Power BI Embedded, we were able to easily embed data analytics without redesigning our app to provide our customers a higher level of business intelligence into their key processes.”

On the other hand, Microsoft Power BI is a set of web based services and features that aids in strategizing data and build new insights out of it. Power BI services are interactive and mostly composed of dashboards, reports and datasets.

James Phillips, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Business Applications, commented, "Business users are increasingly demanding a modern BI experience across all their data. We are thrilled to work with Nintex to offer stunning, fully interactive reports and visualizations for their customers with Power BI in Nintex Insight."