Nintex releases the survey results on C-Level Executives

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 22, 2015

BELLEVUE, WA: Nintex, the provider of business productivity software and SaaS solutions, has released the result of its channel-driven survey that covers C-Level Executives. The survey is carried out among Sales, Operations, Marketing and HR; or the otherwise famed Lines of Business (LOB). According to the surveyors, the executives involve 37 percent in sales process for software and technology purchases, with Finance and Procurement present in nearly a quarter of the deals. Another case is that, in LOB leaders, While Sales and Operations executives lead the table but marketing sector involves itself in nearly 45 percent of time.

Now, there are new professionals associated in sales processing across all roles from CEO, CIO, IT professionals, Finance, Procurement, Sales and marketing Leaders. Here about 40 percent indicates that the buyer in the sales process have changed over the last year. "As organizations continue their digital transformations, channel partners must expand their engagement with customers to focus their effort with LOB leaders and others outside of IT as these stakeholders have a much greater impact and influence on buying decisions than ever before," says Josh Waldo, VP of Partner Strategy & Programs, Nintex.

According to 70 percent of the respondents, there exist moderate to significant interaction between IT and other departments within their customer’s business, and nearly 45 percent of their interaction has successfully increased to being productive.  Moreover, 60 percent respondents mention that the interaction has had a direct impact on them and their businesses. The study also suggests that the respondents’ businesses as well as their customers businesses are more likely to be influenced by security (47 per cent) and cloud (26 per cent); whereas 38 per cent believe that the workflow automation will experience significant growth.

Out of the 150 respondents holding senior most positions in leadership, sales, and IT, that took part in the study, more than 50 per cent were employed in organizations having more than 100 people with additional annual turnover of up to $100 million.