Nipe Technology Announce Plans for Phone-to-Phone Battery Transferring System
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Nipe Technology Announce Plans for Phone-to-Phone Battery Transferring System

By CIOReview | Monday, April 27, 2015

VALENCIA, CA: In the perceptive of battery life, are all smartphones really smart? Battery related issues are in a raise amongst the most prevalent complaints from users of smartphones and tablets.

Various reasons are pointed out for the short lives of batteries; incorrect usage, too many apps running at the same time, keeping screens open even when not in use, and a whole slew of additional causes. To deal with all kinds of battery relted issues Niper, a startup company has come up with a rescuse solution like a mobile "White Knight" to help “Friends in Need” - no matter what the cause of the drained battery and no matter which platform is being affected – Android or iOS.

The Niper App is constantly being upgraded and improved so as the donor can control the power shared with the “friend in need” ensuring that his or her own battery is not completely drained.

Nipe Technology engineers are moving forward on the next gen Niper hardware and software, says Yirmiyahu, CEO, Nipe Technology. Users can expect some really exciting developments, he revealed:

  • Control screens on the bracelet and Mini-Star
  • Faster operation so that the transfer time can be like a Formula 1 car in the pits
  • The prospect of using the bracelet as a fashion item – wearable technology – coming in a range of colors and designs
  • Huge branding opportunities for companies, carriers and retailers as well

"As the Niper develops, and as the Niper social network community grows accordingly, there is little doubt that this apparently simple device can change the way smartphone owners use their phones; knowing that the days of going completely dark when the phone is most needed are probably over forever," Mr.Yirmiyahu added.