Nissan Selects Microsoft Azure to Boost its Connect Telematics System

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: Recently it is publicized by Nissan Motors and Microsoft that all Nissan LEAF models will consist of Connect Telematics Systems (CTS) which is powered by Microsoft Azure. In 2010, Nissan LEAF came into existence and manufactured world-class selling electric vehicle with sales over 200000 till date. Azure is opted by Nissan for its enterprise-grade security and compliance so that, it meets the in-vehicle mobility solution expectations of customers. It enhances safety by creating new ways to interact with their vehicles.

Cars are designed by Nissan to match the upcoming generation of car buyers’ needs, being conscious towards environment and “digital natives.” Since the launch of LEAF, practical performance transformations and EVs public perception worldwide has reformed Nissan as a major brand of EVs technology. The electric cars are crafted more attractively and in a convenient way, understanding the owner’s requirement. All services that customers expect inside a vehicle are dependent on the connectivity services like Maps, range prediction, charging station availability, charge status. A global cloud platform with cutting-edge security is provided by Azure that allows Nissan to deliver services to its customers worldwide.

Nissan CTS alliance with Azure provides a remote connection to the vehicle. Several functions can be performed by the drivers on their car with CTS, even from outside the car. Mobile phone can be used to turn on and adjust climate controls and set charging function remotely no matter if the vehicle is powered down. Nissan and Microsoft are also committed to maintain the regulatory standards on data privacy and technology standards globally.

Nissan brings the latest “Point Of Interest” updates to its customers as and when the company brings out fresh information. Nissan borrows Microsoft’s expertise on critical areas such as data management and analytics. The partnership reduces the time-to-market for Nissan and increases flexibility.

 “Microsoft Azure will help us deliver a more innovative and intelligent future for our connected technologies,” said Celso Guiotoko, Chief Information Officer and Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate IS/IT, Nissan.

Microsoft is the world’s first international cloud privacy standards adopter, ISO 27018, building confidence that enterprise customers can move to Azure. Azure performs all these functions of supporting multiple operating systems, programming languages and tools, providing a choice for Nissan.

Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant for all Nissan LEAF users worldwide uses voice control over messages. Drivers can now drive safe and manage incoming text messages easily. They are read out loud and driver can respond by voice or steering wheel switches. Some common pre-set messages that can be sent include “driving, can’t text,” “on my way,” “running late,” “okay”. These features are provided by Azure’s back-end connectivity and support.