No Hardware Lock-in with SwiftStack's Object Storage for Enterprise

By CIOReview | Monday, August 31, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: If you are out looking for hardware flexibility when it comes to object storage and keeping files in sync or to share applications then you might want to look into what a company specializing in object storage for enterprises, SwiftStack has to offer. Recently, the firm came up with an announcement  that private File Sync and Application Sharing coupled with its’ Object Storage will be delivering the kind of cloud experience application users are currently seeking for.

SwiftStack’s new breed of object storage solution is perfectly suited for storing unstructured data privately well within the enterprise firewalls, resulting in cost savings and an easily manageable architecture. The most unique attribute of SwiftStack is no lock in data, freedom of choice in standard hardware and control of clusters across data centers.

The key features offered by SwiftStack Object Storage are:

No Hardware Lock-In - SwiftStack Object Storage runs on any industry standard x86 server hardware from any vendor, so enterprises can use their preferred server vendor or mix-and-match hardware from multiple vendors to optimize capital investments and do much more for less.

Authentication - SwiftStack Object Storage matches with File Sync and Share applications by easily integrating with existing enterprise authentication infrastructure, including Active Directory and LDAP.

Unified Namespace - A SwiftStack Object Storage Cluster can be spread over multiple, geographically distributed data centers with a single namespace.

Centralized Management - The SwiftStack Object Storage Controller manages all object storage clusters from a single, centralized management interface, reducing storage complexity and conserving IT resources so the focus can remain on the enterprise file sync and share implementation and operations.