No VPN Required for Securing Cloud Access for Elite Users with Bomgar's PAM Sytem

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Remote support solution Bomgar breaks news with the recent launch of its Privileged Access Management (PAM) system targeting security for cloud users. This PAM system  saves time lost by the adoption of conventional methods of providing elite users with privileged identities. It generally took indefinite amount of time and also required very extensive structural re-organization.

But Bomgar’s PAM system simplifies this by using cloud access control. This system allows security professionals to manage any of the VIP worker’s privileged access to cloud resources, and also enable forensic searches on access activity to monitor access from mobiles.

Bomgar’s sources anticipate that with the increasing number of cyber attacks on companies, the complexities in management are making them more vulnerable, highlighting VIP customers as the prominent targets. Hence, owing to the vulnerabilities of a VPN being hijacked by sophisticated hackers, a VPN is no less than a liability. Dan DeRosa, SVP of Product Management at Bomgar outlines similar point about their system, “Hackers are constantly probing, infiltrating and compromising networks. Meanwhile, securing privileged identities can take months. Our system is designed for easy implementation and to support current access processes.”

The 15.2 version of PAM offered by Bomgar offers cloud access controls where the security managers can close all the vulnerable unnecessary ports parallel to providing shell and remote screen access to users. It is supported on Windows, Redhat, CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux VMs powered by AWS, Azure and VMWare.

It also empowers auditors to diagnose critical security events, detect cyber breaches and assemble forensic evidence by providing them with the audit data for all activities across all privileged sessions. These audit trails can also be integrated with behavioral analysis tools and with mobile access controls it is quite convenient to attend users from Android or Apple devices.  The mobile apps support access to internal critical systems from 3G and other mobile networks without needing a VPN.