Nokia Corporation Exploits VoltDB to Strengthen Open Telecom Application Server

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2016

BEDFORD, MA: Nokia Corporation has adopted VoltDB to deliver real-time data solutions that boost mobile subscriber services via Nokia Open Telecom Application Server, a component of the Nokia Telco Cloud, VoltDB revealed recently.

Mobile operators are moving their networks to the cloud to manage unpredictable traffic growth and to implement new services for better user experience. VoltDB’s Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database will help Nokia Networks escalate time-to-market for Open TAS and to reduce management complexity. With VoltDB, Nokia’s customers will be benefited from precise and timely billing, advanced customer service, social network integration, incoming call filtering, parental controls and more.

"VoltDB's real-time data management capabilities help makes a mobile operator's network highly adaptable and flexible to meet changing subscriber needs," says Jochen Griesshammer, Head of Technical Management, Liquid Core, Nokia Networks.

VoltDB is an SQL database built to empower the next generation of data-intensive applications which enables developers to build fast data pipelines by combining the capabilities of an operational database, streaming analytics and per-event transactions in a single, integrated platform.  VoltDB provides real-time analytics and data enrichment; and enables businesses to gain significant and competitive advantage in both on-premises and cloud environments.

"The development of real-time applications requires a focus on more than just speed. Organizations require context from fast streams of data to make business decisions in the moment," extols Bruce Reading, President and CEO, VoltDB.

The VoltDB has recently unveiled version 5.8 of its OLTP database. It is a Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) database with two-way active replication across two database clusters. The XDCR enables customers to maintain separate, synchronized, writable databases in two different locations.