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Nomadix Launches New Gateway to Support Hotels with High Speed Fiber Internet

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 30, 2016
Fred Reeder, Chief Commercial & Operating Officer, Nomadix

Fred Reeder, Chief Commercial & Operating Officer, Nomadix

New Orleans, LA: As a global innovator of public access gateways, Nomadix, recently announced an accessory for its popular AG 5900 bandwidth management gateway. “Through our secure, easy-to-use and reliable high-speed Internet gateways and bandwidth management tools, we help hotels provide a better user experience for guests and a higher likelihood to return to that property,” said Fred Reeder, Chief Commercial & Operating Officer, Nomadix.

On the innovation front, the 2-port Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP+) Fiber Module is designed specifically for hotels with visitor-based networks, along with a need for the deployment of fiber WAN ports. This SFP+ technology meets various needs such as optimal performance, lowest latency and low power usage when compared to copper Base-T.

Nomadix's AG 5900 SFP+ Fiber Module enables hotels to support fiber WAN connections. To this day, star hotels are enhancing their IT infrastructure from copper to fiber to support the widely increasing bandwidth demands being placed on high-speed internet access (HSIA). This upgradation of fiber over copper wire has reaped several significant advantages and can now better accommodate high-demand applications. "Our new Fiber Module supports the copper to fiber trend and ultimately leads to better HSIA performance—which ensures that hotels can satisfy their guests' expectations. It's a win-win for hoteliers and guests alike,” noted Reeder.

California-based Nomadix provides solutions that enable bandwidth allocation for different uses so that every guest receives a fair share of bandwidth for an optimal experience. Nomadix solutions also provide a class-based queuing system that allows IT staff to allocate bandwidth by priority, location or class, such as guest loyalty. The gateways have up to five ports that can be allocated to WAN links to create the ability to dedicate certain ports to certain areas within the hotel. "In our discussions with many larger hotel brands and managed service providers, we're seeing a growing trend of hotels embracing the high-end enterprise capabilities that fiber has to offer," said Reeder. Our solutions allow hoteliers to drill down to very specific parameters and determine patterns of behavior to shape traffic accordingly.”