NopSec Reveals New Report on Cyber Security Threats and Malware-Based Vulnerabilities

By CIOReview | Friday, June 10, 2016
Lisa Xu, CEO, NopSec Inc.

Lisa Xu, CEO, NopSec Inc.

NEW YORK, NY: NopSec, a provider of vulnerability remediation solutions powered by advanced machine learning technology, recently released a new report on the key cyber security threats among various industries and cross-industry remediation developments also including malware-based vulnerabilities. The report also highlights the rising correlation of social media and the related security threats. Titled as “2016 State of Vulnerability Risk Management,” the study was organized by the NopSec Labs research team analyzing more than a million unique vulnerabilities in addition to the 76,000 vulnerabilities already contained in the National Vulnerability Database over a 20-year period.

NopSec, based in Brooklyn, NY is one among the leading providers of cybersecurity precision threat prediction and remediation solutions which aims at helping and empowering organizations to make better decisions to reduce their cyber security exposure. The company partnered with FireEye Labs, a premier cyber security company, in the 2016 Report to evaluate the malware-based risk of vulnerabilities and their potential risks. “Our focus is to help our customers reduce the time between identification and remediation of cyber threats and security vulnerabilities,” said Lisa Xu, CEO, NopSec.

The key findings of “2016 State of Vulnerability Risk Management” reveal that, social media is among the top platforms for cybersecurity threats. Twitter was the medium largely preferred by security researchers and attackers looking to disseminate proof-of-concept exploits. The report discloses that exploit techniques are more sophisticated than ever and attackers care less about how easy it is to exploit vulnerability. For them it is more about the actual impact and outcome of the exploited vulnerability. The report also says that relying solely on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Base Score makes it impossible to prioritize vulnerability risks, but its subscores combined with other factors such as context, social media trend analysis, and data feeds deliver a better risk evaluation and prioritization. 

“Our ultimate mission is to help and empower organizations to make better decisions to reduce their cyber security exposure,” stated Xu. Besides, NopSec delivers a unified VRM which is a robust vulnerability risk management platform in the industry that incorporates Twitter data into its risk ranking evaluation. Additionally, designed as a SaaS solution, NopSec’s flagship product—Unified VRM—helps organizations find, focus, and fix the most business-critical vulnerabilities across IT infrastructure and applications. “We are focused on closing the window of opportunity for hackers,” said Xu.