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NordiaSoft and Cobham AvComm to Offer SCA Version 4.1 Core Framework

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Claude Bélisle, CEO, NordiaSoft

Claude Bélisle, CEO, NordiaSoft

FREMONT, CA: NordiaSoft, a provider of Software Communications Architecture (SCA), and Cobham AvComm, a communication and avionics instrumentation company, will jointly beta-test NordiaSoft’s SCA Version 4.1 Core framework. The two companies have joined hands to offer a platform for developers of SCA wireless systems.

SCA is used to define the software structure and interfaces for software-defined radios and their designs. “SCA is a very well integrated Component-Based Development architecture and is also applicable to any embedded system found in aerospace, transport, radar, instrumentation, electronic warfare, and more,” explains Claude Bélisle, CEO, NordiaSoft.

NordiaSoft’s SCA V4.1 is backed by SCARI GT Core Framework to ensure each software component is loaded on right processor and connected to other components as per application mapping. The software testing will be done on Cobham’s SCA Platform— a versatile development and test platform for wireless systems.

Powered by NordiaSoft’s SCARI Software Suite, Cobham SCA Platform provides a development environment for SCA-based applications. The platform is an open-standard based, modular development platform for tactical radio, radar, electronic warfare and robotics embedded system applications. It is offered as an SCA turn-key system that comprises of development tools, SCA devices, and core framework.

NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite is the company’s flagship product. The Suite is intended to simplify several architectural system designs, optimize development costs and overall system performance. It provides an abstraction layer between the hardware platform and the software applications enabling significant simplification of software development and permitting high level of software reuse, upgrades and system scalability.