Not a Good Time for T-Mobile, Experiences an Grave Corporate Data Breach

By CIOReview | Monday, October 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Credit checking company, Experian is in news for being subjected to a large scale security breach. As per sources, it is to be believed that the breach has been in state for around 2 years, stealing away personal data from nearly 15 million T-Mobile US customers.

John Legere, CEO at mobile network company, T-Mobile expresses his extremely vexed take on the same, and also threatened to cancel T-mobile’s contract with FTSE 100 company. Legere also mentioned about a thorough review of their relationship with Experian.  The market has also observed a considerable fall, more than 4 percent in the share prices.

The data theft has left affected nearly 15 million people, plus the new applicants who required a credit check for service or device financing between the dates September 1, 2013 and September 16, 2015. The hackers now have access to data related to customer’s name, address and birthdate along with encrypted fields with Social Security number and ID number (which include driver’s license or passport number), and additional information used in T-Mobile’s own credit assessment.

This is however not the first case of data theft with Experian. Earlier in July, Experian was hit with a class-action lawsuit that alleged the company had enabled an identity thief to access data. However, Experian also mentions that no evidence has been brought up authorizing that the stolen data have been put into any in appropriate use.