NovaStor Releases DataCenter 6.0 to Revamp Backup Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Mike Andrews, Managing Director, NovaStor

Mike Andrews, Managing Director, NovaStor

AGOURA HILLS, CA: NovaStor, a provider of software solutions for data protection and availability, releases the upgraded version of its network backup software, DataCenter 6.0. The solution provides backup software for small windows environments, heterogeneous networks (Windows, Linux, Unix) and multi-site data centers. The latest version supports technologies for Microsoft Hyper-V and Vmware by efficiently working on existing cross-site backup and restoring capability.

Data Center enhances performance and scalability through its architecture. Additional features such as multistreaming and redundant data management increases backup reliability, restoring jobs tremendously. The multi-tenancy function also provides customers an option to setup and maintain multiple locations, departments, and users within company’s backup infrastructure.

NovaStor datacenter helps users restore from a device other than the original backup device. It provides flexibility to restore data and create another layer of security in case of any disaster or hardware failure in user’s backup server infrastructure. Datacenter 6.0 offers virtual system support with the ability to restore individual file. Single file restores only the required file, further saving time and storage space.

The datacenter uses interface denominated “single pane of glass” in managing network irrespective of using Windows, Linux, Hyper-V and VMware machines. It supports Microsoft Exchange 2016, SQL 2016 and Hyper-V 2016. NovaStor Datacenter seamlessly controls the AWS storage gateway providing users an option to use Amazon S3 cloud as the cloud backup destination.

"With the new version of DataCenter, backup administrators are now presented with a broader range of flexibility when it comes to recovering their critical data. Components which are typically considered necessary for a fast restore to occur in competing solutions, such as the original backup files or a central database, are no longer absolute requirements,” says Mike Andrews, Managing Director, NovaStor.