Novatel Wireless to Deliver IoT Managed Services Bundle for Acumera

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SAN DIEGO & AUSTIN, TX: In an announcement made by Novatel Wireless, the leading global provider of solutions for the Internet of Things publicized its collaboration with Acumera, the leading provider of Trusted Connections Services for retail organizations. Novatel Wireless’ IoT solutions include software-as-a-service (SaaS) and through this joint venture, the firm will offer its IoT Managed Services Bundle as Failover Solution for Acumera.  

This collaboration allows Acumera to offer a secure and reliable wireless failover solution for the systems of multi-site retailers which are dependent on internet connectivity such as cash registers, fuel pumps at gas stations, and surveillance cameras. "We needed a partner that could simplify the implementation and management of a reliable and secure failover system and handle the full solution lifecycle for our customers; Novatel Wireless proved to be the perfect fit," explained Tom Yemington, vice president of sales and marketing, Acumera.

The Wireless IoT solutions offered by Novatel Wireless for Acumera comprises of hardware and managed services. The managed services include airtime, device management with the Crossroads SaaS platform, and support to its suite of connectivity and failover solutions. "We layer best-in-class security, reliability, and support into a powerful networking solution that meets the demands of the Internet of Things," added Sue Swenson, CEO, Novatel Wireless. Retail fuel station and convenience store owner-operators nationwide will now be offered this packaged solution as a part of new Processor Connections Service by Acumera. This new service requires all of a retailer’s locations associated with Acumera to maintain a failover solution.

The cellular failover service by Novatel Wireless is not only bundled with quality hardware and managed services but is cost-effective as well and has been designed to address the security requirements of the Payment Card Industry while helping businesses to reduce operational costs.