NOVAtime Delivers NOVAanalytics, Empowers Non-technical Business Users

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2015

DIAMOND BAR, CA: In an effort to empower non-technical users and make them comfortable with techniques, NOVAtime, provider of enterprise Time and Attendance/Workforce Management Solutions launches NOVAanalytics app on the Microsoft Office Store. The new app is available for use with NOVAtime 5000 SaaS- a state-of-the-art, web-based workforce management system.  

NOVAanalytics app controls the power of Web APIs to download NOVAtime workforce data in real-time to Microsoft Excel. It enables users with a range of configurable templates that allow even the non- technical user to transform raw data into meaningful reports with a clean, professional design that will meet virtually any business need. It also allows up-to-date labor data to be shared securely across many devices.

“Using NOVAanalytics, individual NOVAtime 5000 SaaS customers will, for the first time, be able to access real-time NOVAtime data in Excel without performing an export to Excel every time refreshed data is needed or writing a piece of code for a web service call,” says Frank Su, President and CEO of NOVAtime.

The new app empowers non-technical users and makes them independent by giving them the opportunity to create and hoc reports, presentations and dashboards on their own. “The term ‘Big Data’ is on everyone’s lips these days, but few companies have the time or resources to analyze all of the data they collect and make effective decisions based on their analysis. With NOVAanalytics, our customers will have a simple, yet powerful business intelligence tool designed for people who aren’t business analysts,” concludes Scott Rose, VP of Sales, NOVAtime.