Novatus Announces the Upgrade of its Contract Management Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ORLANDO, FL: Novatus, provider of cloud based contract management software, announces the upgrade of its contract lifecycle management solution to Version 6.0 with enhanced features to increase the speed of contract management tasks.

The new features include a simple drag and drop graphic interface to create templates for contract flow, charting the stages a contract will follow during its lifecycle and automating each step with flexible actions and notifications. It also provides an expandable summary of every action performed for any contract within the system.

 There is an option of DocuSign native module in the software, which helps in unlocking advanced options for envelope packaging, custom routing and rule sets and the ability to use advanced features added by DocuSign. Moreover, the electronic signature wizard by Novatus has been consolidated to fit all necessary information in a single screen. The User Interface (UI) has also improved with  user controlled customization, providing a useful customer experience over smartphones, laptops or desktops.

“The success of Novatus’ customers has driven the lion’s share of innovation behind this release; many of the enhancements in this new version were born from detailed conversations with Novatus users. Thanks to this close partnership, the advancements in contract flow control, transparency and user-controlled customization make Version 6.0 a game changer for every one of our customers,” says Robert Gambotz, CEO, Novatus.