NoviFlow and IP Infusion Collaborate To Bring carrier-grade Scale-Out Router solutions to Market

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT CA: In a major announcement made, NoviFlow Inc. and IP Infusion, Inc. collaborate to roll out a cutting-edge Software Defined Networking (SDN) based solution that unites the advantages of high-performance OpenFlow forwarding planes with carrier-grade networking stacks. NoviFlow’s Scale-Out Router leverages SDN and OpenFlow to disaggregate the traditional monolithic router into independently scalable elements, replacing proprietary systems with COTS hardware.

The independent scalable component parts which this solutions provides are, the ONOS controller, NoviFlow’s open source Scale-Out Router application, and IP Infusion’s licensed VirNOS™-C protocol stacks. The forwarding plane is provided by standard OpenFlow switches such as NoviFlow’s high-performance NoviSwitch products. "NoviFlow is thrilled with our collaboration with IP Infusion in bringing together to market carrier-grade Scale-Out Router solutions.” says NoviFlow’s President and CEO, Dominique Jodoin.  

This centrally controlled and reliable network router supporting major routing protocols such as BGP, IS-IS, OSPF and LDP makes it much easier to scale and far more economical to operate than traditional scale-up monolithic routers, thus reducing CAPEX by over 75 percent and OPEX by as much as 65 percent. “IP Infusion’s field-proven networking stacks combined with NoviFlow’s scale-out router application will provide faster time-to-deployment, ensure inter-operability with traditional routers and give our customers support for protocol stacks otherwise not readily available in the open source community,” adds Jodoin.

With this partnership, IP Infusion and NoviFlow are believed to drive the growing SDN ecosystem by contributing code to Open Source projects such as the ONF’s Atrium project and the ONOS Project, and by providing solutions customized for today’s networks. “With large data center operators and service providers requiring high performance networking solutions that meet the demands of the explosive growth of virtualization and cloud services, the combination of NoviFlow and IP Infusion will help enterprises to achieve centralized distributed networking support for increased agility and cost effectiveness,” said Kiyo Oishi, CEO and president of IP Infusion.  “We look forward to continuing to work with NoviFlow to deliver solutions that require less time and decreased capital and operating expenditures,” concludes Oishi