NoviFlow Sponsors ANZ-SDN Alliance for Development of Open-Source Scale-Out Interconnect Fabric

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

MONTREAL, CANADA: NoviFlow Inc., a leading provider of high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions, has signed a sponsorship agreement with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to fund the development of open-source proof-of-concept demonstrators of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology, including Project Castor, which resolves to develop an open-source scale-out interconnect fabric that uses SDN technology.

ANZ-SDN, an alliance of Australia and New Zealand based individuals and organizations interested in implementation of SDN technology, is hosted by UNSW.

The approach delivers a flexible, responsive and programmable routing infrastructure better equipped to manage proliferating numbers of connected devices and largely changed usage patterns. NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch products provide a fully programmable, high-performance OpenFlow 1.3/1.4 forwarding plane for use with even the most traffic intensive gateway applications, while the OpenFlow Experimenter-based enhancements add significant value to SDN solutions, which are of specific interest to the carrier and hyper-scale data center communities.

“SDN provides much-needed flexibility in the way carriers and enterprises connect to each other and to the cloud,” stated UNSW Engineering’s Associate Prof. Vijay Sivaraman, co-founder of the ANZ-SDN Alliance. “We are excited to partner with NoviFlow to develop open-source interconnect applications that combine software flexibility with high-performance hardware-based OpenFlow switching. This will pave the way towards comprehensive SDN solutions that tackle real customer problems, both in Australia, New Zealand and world-wide.”

“NoviFlow believes in SDN and the Open Source Software movement,” stated NoviFlow’s President and CEO, Dominique Jodoin. He further added that, “We see initiatives such as the ANZ-SDN Alliance as key enablers of the SDN ecosystem. Since its inception, NoviFlow has been a proud participant and contributor to Open Source SDN initiatives such as the Open Networking Foundation’s Atrium project, the ONOS project, and others. In particular, we consider new initiatives such as Project Castor as critical to realizing the benefits of high-performance SDN solutions and expanding its practical application in carrier networks, hyper-scale data centers and cloud/internet service providers.”