NRG Global Adds New Features to its AppLoader Load and Stress Testing Software

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 26, 2014

Los Angeles, CA: NRG Global, a provider of integrated customer lifecycle management service has added new features to its AppLoader load and stress testing software to heighten security workstations, reports PRWeb.

With added features, the software restricts issues related to efficiency and automation. After modifying the rUser manager, many manual items, including secure logins, were bypassed while still maintaining high-level security. The software also has the ability to maintain a live session thereby avoiding lock-out during testing. Client security automatically closed sessions based on pre-defined rules. After communicating the issues, NRG Global was able to achieve an automated solution to continually maintain active sessions and avoid lock-out during testing.

“We are very excited about the latest additions testing in high security environments are nearly fully automated,” says Lywan Kummer, VP of Marketing, NRG Global.