NSS Labs Announces Partners to Combat Advanced Threats by Pooling Security Intelligence

By CIOReview | Monday, April 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Today’s vast threat landscape is breaking new frontiers as threat sophistication is rocketing in an unprecedented manner. Security solution providers need to work in close collaboration to ensure that their users don’t fall prey to the security threats. To this end, NSS Labs, an information security research and advisory company, has announced key collaborations for intelligence sharing with security solutions providers such as Fortinet, ThreatStream, Trend Micro as well as Palo Alto Networks.

Assessing an organization’s security capabilities is critical in order to keep cyber attacks at bay. Through NCC Cyber Advanced Warning System (CAWS), users can leverage the improved communication in the security ecosystem and stay up-to-date about the looming threats.

CAWS taps the data from these security organizations to deliver comprehensive information comprising of the advanced threat intelligence, malware analysis, threat actor attribution, actor history, geo-location, applications and other associations, that enables security professionals to assess their security levels and take necessary steps.

Fortinet leverages malware samples from CAWS to offer inspection of all protocols and functions in one appliance; WildFire, the Enterprise security service from Palo Alto Networks, analyzes 2.5Mn samples per day that reprograms the enterprise security platform with updated measures to thwart advanced attacks.

“The integration of the NSS Cyber Advanced Warning System with these threat intelligence offerings provides our mutual clients with a way of quickly assessing and responding to threats,” said Vikram Phatak, CEO of NSS Labs.  “Customers will be able to proactively mitigate the risk caused by exploits favored by threat actors in ongoing campaigns proven capable of bypassing a client’s defenses.”