Ntrepid Collaborates with Cylance for Improved Malware Protection

By CIOReview | Friday, February 26, 2016

IRVINE, CA: Ntrepid Corporation, a provider of radical cybersecurity solutions, announced its collaboration with Cylance Inc. to integrate its technology, CylancePROTECT, into Passages, the company’s secure virtual browser that allows users to navigate and browse the Internet without any malware attacks . Cylance uses artificial intelligence to predict cyber-attacks and block them on the end-user systems in real time before they ever execute. Passages Safehold, a secure web download feature of Passages, allows users to access online files at the same time saving the computers from being attacked by a malware. 

“One of the biggest vulnerabilities associated with a browser is its ability to download dangerous files directly onto a local machine. This makes it far too easy for hostile websites to initiate drive-by downloads which place malware on the user’s local desktop,” explained Lance Cottrell, Chief Scientist for Passages.

Cylance enables detecting and blocking execution of even the next-generation malware in both open and isolated networks without any regular updates. Passages Safehold automatically scans all files for possible malware attack before it is allowed to enter into the user’s local desktop as well as saves the computer by quarantining downloaded files in a private cloud, preventing all automatic or accidental downloads. Only intentionally requested safe files are allowed to reach the desktop. Moreover, the software allows administrators to access flagged files for further malware analysis.

“The security industry has given up too soon on cyber-attack prevention, but We’re pleased to collaborate on an integration with Ntrepid, as the preventive capabilities of CylancePROTECT and Passages Safehold are well-suited to both divert and destroy malware before it can execute on an endpoint,” Said Stuart McClure, president and CEO of Cylance. 

Cylance’s accurate, efficient and effective solution for identifying advanced malware has been developed based on a mathematical approach. The heart of the malware identification capability of the software is the revolutionary machine learning research platform that utilizes the power of algorithmic science and artificial intelligence. The solution analyzes and classifies hundreds of thousands of characteristics per file, breaking them down to an atomic level to recognize whether a file or content is safe or not.

Passages, on the other hand takes a new approach in protecting from malware. It isolates the browser in a secure virtual machine, allowing users to surf internet safely without any virus infection or compromising any valuable enterprise data. This software can be deployed on 64-bit Windows and Macintosh OS systems with hardware virtualization support.