NUI Media Hosts NUI Media Ad Server and NUI-x Platform
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NUI Media Hosts NUI Media Ad Server and NUI-x Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 15, 2015

ARLINGTON, VA: A digital technology advertising company NUI Media enters the market and makes a point with by allowing publishers to easily initiate and manage their advertising efforts on a single platform. The company extracts help from the tested SaaS solution ‘NUI Media Ad Server’, already known for its mature code base.

Customers can now make use of features such as geo and hyper local targeting; targeting with NUI’s boolean based cookie targeting; real-time processing and reporting tools; extensible API and SDKs for iOS and Android. In order to effectively meet the advertiser’s campaign goal, site visit frequency is traced along with click-capping and post-click tracking are carried out. Graphical dashboards and ad hoc querying are the additional benefits offered to the advertisers.

The platform is affordable for organizations of any size and even for non-profits. The server is Real-Time Bidding (RTB) enabled, encouraging RTB competition to clients’ inventory on its NUI-x platform. The NUI-x platform considers the unique attributes of media buyers, site quality and insights about the user to accelerate, automate and simplify the access to RTB.

Assistance like real-time comparison; custom controls to set price; volume and revenue transparency; identifying trusted domain and black-list filtering are also provided specifically for premium publishers.

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