NuoDB Now Supports Docker Releases Updated version of its Database Software

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: NuoDB, the database solutions provider for cloud-enabled applications, announces its support for Docker and the general availability of its new release NuoDB 2.4, which delivers advanced management capabilities, expands NuoDB’s enterprise-class SQL support, and streamlines database administration. 

Support for Docker

NuoDB support for Docker is declared as an approved configuration that is mainly intended to support customers working with containers. NuoDB’s Durable Distributed Cache (DDC) architecture enables customers to add capacity on-demand across multiple hosts, containers, and data centers. Now the database works naturally within the containers to deliver an elastic, transactional data management service for Docker. 

NuoDB’s support for Docker provides customers with a wide range of deployment options based on their requirements. NuoDB will enable container mobility and on-demand capacity at the data layer and enable automatic cross-container caching of database data. It also provides operational and administrative capabilities such as security and backup that have been designed expressly for the container environment.

NuoDB Release 2.4

With NuoDB 2.4, customers will have a new online backup feature which creates a “hot copy” of the current state of a database without shutting down any of the database processes.  This is an important enterprise capability, allowing uninterrupted transactionally-consistent journal and archive backups on running databases.

The release also introduces preview support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), an important Enterprise capability. LDAP is an open, industry standard protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services. Support for LDAP means that NuoDB can be integrated into an Enterprise’s existing user authentication infrastructure; administrators can centrally manage users’ access to NuoDB.

“Both NuoDB and Docker were developed with the same fundamental principles in mind: distributed processing, resource efficiency, administrative simplicity, and elastic scalability. This natural affinity means that the two technologies work in tandem, out of the box. With this announcement, we further strengthen this integration, even as Docker transforms the way applications are developed and deployed,” said Barry Morris, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, NuoDB.