Nutanix Allies with SAP to Deliver Web-scale Infrastructure

Nutanix Allies with SAP to Deliver Web-scale Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Monday, October 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Nutanix expands its digital presence by collaborating with SAP to deliver Nutanix web- scale infrastructure solution to its customers. The partnership is aimed at improving business-critical SAP application including enterprise resource management, business warehouse, and customer relationship management.

Nutanix offers reliable invisible infrastructure for enterprises by converging compute, storage and virtualization into a turnkey hyperconverged solution and is now supported by SAP NetWeaver technology platform. The technology is based more on cloud like economics which is easy to deploy providing agility and scalability at better service levels.

Additional highlights of the platform include: the automation and analytics capability which monitors data at every level and works based on datacenter management tools for data-driven efficiency. Secondly the self-healing system is an automatic recovery system designed to fix component glitches through the help of fault isolation process.

The main advantages drawn by end-users include cost reduction over CapEX and OpEX; scalable infrastructure; no maintenance charges along with easy deployment; small footprint by occupying only 2U space; provides IT resources to focus on important business initiatives.