NuuED Introduces Spiral v1.0: The Smart Mobile Educational App
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NuuED Introduces Spiral v1.0: The Smart Mobile Educational App

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

OAKLAND, CA: With the initiative to assist learners based on their unique learning and social styles, NuuED, the advanced technology education company has disclosed the release dates for its Spiral App Version 1.0.  This product will commence distribution by April 25, 2016 to over 600,000 pre-subscribed customers.  Thereafter, the Spiral App Version 1.0 will be available for download via several of its distribution partners and sites.

“Learning and development (L&D) is important for the development of people as people are organizations’ competitive weapons.  Within this L&D realm is the context of diversity of learning.  This diversity comes through a combination of learning styles, cultures, and tools.  Such tools come in various forms; however, a new innovative tool exists, which supports the blending of learning and social styles.  This groundbreaking tool is the NuuED Spiral App,” says Sharon L. Burton.

The NuuED Spiral is a smart mobile educational App that is fun, and interactive tool to determine a person’s learning capability.  This App provides educational material, information, tools, games, and resources in the style best suited for the users’ learning personalities.  Also, this App continues to help with learning while monitoring progress and providing rewards.  The App is available on any platform— tablet, Smartphone or computer with internet access. It provides services in a socially safe, responsible, and secure environment for Learners, Parents, Educators, Facilitators, Trainers, Practitioners, Employers, Guardians, and more.  

Version 1.0 provides the basic features free of charge via online downloads, mobile device platforms, and educational organizations such as the Center for the Book, Library of Congress, in all 50 of the United States; and is oriented for learners 6th grade through college. “We are excited and proud to provide the next generation of advanced smart education technology designed to help learners of all ages,” says Derrick Oneal, Founder, NuuED.