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nxtedition Installs a Remote Newsroom for Covid-19

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The production automation expert nxtedition has been installed, commissioned, trained, and handed over a four-studio newsroom system for Stockholm-based Expressen TV.

FREMONT, CA: In recent times, the production automation expert nxtedition has installed, commissioned, trained, and handed over a four-studio newsroom system for Stockholm-based Expressen TV. Due to the limitations enforced by COVID-19, nxtedition was forced to accomplish all this remotely, but they still got the new system on-air, on-time, and on-budget.

Moreover, the new nxteditions newsroom system is developed on a suite of microservices to create a virtualized architecture, running on COTS hardware. Initially, for Expressen TV, the plan was made at nxteditions headquarters in Malmo, more than 600km away. The equipment was shipped to Stockholm, where Expressen's partners implemented it in place.

Generally, the teams would be sent from nxtedition to test and commission a new installation. It is also required for training the staff. Furthermore, the microservices architecture means that the system is integrally ready for remote access and operation, so every activity was carried out from each nxtedition team member's home. It also became easy to perform deployments and configurations remotely. The training was also conducted using Google Hangouts as the trainer can log in to the Expressen installation remotely through a VPN.

The journalists, editors, producers, and engineers rapidly became familiar with the nxtedition's intuitive operation. This permitted for a phased cutover to the new technology and efficiently met the full on-air date of 2nd June 2020. Furthermore, with Sweden's comparatively light touch isolation policy, this was still an outstanding achievement while sustaining both teams' safety with the help of remote working practices and social distancing.

According to Robin Jansson, Head of Technology for Expressen TV, “I am really impressed that we could make this transition so easily and fast. Our window of opportunity to switch the entire broadcast system was very slim, but the design and structure of nxtedition make complex and time-consuming things much easier and convenient."

For nxtedition, Roger Persson, Head of Sales and Marketing, added, "The world is changing, and not just because of COVID-19. Newsroom technology has to be flexible, capable of being accessed from anywhere, to deliver the fast and accurate facts first which audiences seek. Remote training was forced upon us by the pandemic, but it really brought home to the Expressen TV team just how simple it is to create scripts, modify rundowns, cue events and add live content from anywhere at any time. That agility was a key benefit when Expressen TV chose our suite of software and in today's environment we can see it's even more important than ever."