octoScope Adds Accurate and Repeatable Motion Emulation to OB-ROAMING Test Script

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LITTLETON, MA: Wi-Fi technology has already gained wide acceptance in workplace. But it needs further fine-tuning to eliminate the technological glitches. A variant of Wi-Fi technology, Voice-Over-WiFi (VoWiFi) is affected by so many factors like delay in handing over, temporarily or completely losing a connection due to improper roaming algorithms and others. Constant connection is inevitable factor in an operator’s service and a key differentiator for users looking for a seamless roaming experience. The enterprises need a proper implementation of access points which can also pre-authenticate devices for handoff across them. Any defect at any of these points will deliver poor user experience such as call drops, stuttering video and slow internet response.

To deliver a seamless roaming experience, octoScope, provider of wireless test solutions and services adds new roaming testbed service which helps to explore the roaming and handoff performance of Wi-Fi devices. The solution can be applied in a wide variety of conditions. The new octoBox Roaming Testbed emulates motion of wireless devices to test the roaming and handover behavior, performance, fast transitions and realistic roaming test scenarios in which the client is within the reach of one or more live access points. It offers a controlled environment through precise programming on time-varying signal levels and interference. Also, it shortens test time which helps vendor to ship improved products, even months earlier. With its tightly controlled RF conditions, the testbed gives users a quick test on the capabilities of clients and access points in a repeatable manner.

According to Randy Oltman, VP of Marketing, octoScope - while fast roaming is specified in 802.11r, much of the underlying implementation details are unspecified and it causes variations in device performances and uncertain interactivity between the wide range of AP/client combinations. In addition, the roaming performance varies with radio design, RF conditions, and across manufacturers.